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Hubstaff Alternative | WebWork Tracker

It’s no news that Hubstaff is a well-known time tracking tool in the market. It is especially a good choice for teams that need to be on the move and use location tracking.

WebWork, on the other hand, is the right choice for time tracking, improving productivity, and everything else. Let’s see how it is the best Hubstaff alternative.

Hubstaff Alternative | WebWork Tracker

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WebWork Is the Best Hubstaff Alternative


Billing & Invoices

Team Chat



App and Website

Task Management

Automated reports

WebWork has a number of reports about tracking data. They hold all information necessary for complete work tracking and employee monitoring. They are Timesheet Reports, Timeline Reports, Attendance Data Reports, Activity Levels Reports, Statistics, Activity Description, App and Website Usage, Tasks, Productivity and Invoice.

Reports| Hubstaff Alternative WebWork Tracker

Accurate and effortless billing

On WebWork employees can make their working hours billable if they need to work according to a billable contract. The tracker automatically calculates the amount they need to be paid based on their worked hours. They can also create invoices for the projects they work on right inside the tracker.

Billing & Invoice | WebWork Tracker features

Easy communication

WebWork has a Team Chat where workspace members can communicate all while tracking time. This way there is no need to switch to another platform to chat with coworkers.

Messanger | WebWork Time Tracker

Transparency of work

WebWork has 4 screenshot modes for providing a granular view of the employee’s work. As screenshots are considered a disputable feature, WebWork does not impose their usage and offers optional modes. These include the Blurred and No Screenshot modes which can be used in case privacy is an issue. The other two modes are Screenshot On and Background.

Screenshots | WebWork Tracker features

Automated productivity monitoring

WebWork measures productivity by calculating keystrokes and mouse clicks of the user and their time spent on productive platforms. These are then turned to productivity reports that show the levels for individual employees.

Productivity | WebWork Tracker

App and website usage monitoring

Another way that WebWork measures productivity is through monitoring the use of apps and websites, more specifically time spent on them. Initially, certain apps and websites can be marked as productive, nonproductive and neutral and the tracker will show how productive employees are accordingly.

App and website monitoring | WebWork features

Organized tasks

WebWork has a platform for managing projects and tasks as well. Employers can create and assign tasks and projects right inside the tracker. This way teams get to work and track time in the same place.

Task Management | WebWork features


WebWork can be integrated with tools such as Zapier, Asana, GitHub, Jira Software, Teamwork, Zoho Projects, Bitbucket, Wrike, Trello, Todoist and ClickUp, Slack and more.

So, why do you need to choose WebWork?

WebWork offers more features compared to other tools in the market at a much more affordable price, especially compared to Hubstaff. It enables you to track time, monitor productivity, organize work, communicate, and improve team performance as a result.

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  • You get a time tracker with numerous features at an affordable price

  • You save time by tracking time, working, and communicating on the same platform

  • You improve performance without spending a fortune

  • You get a complete package with the Basic plan

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