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Time Doctor Alternative | WebWork Tracker

WebWork and Time Doctor are time tracking tools with similar features and functionalities. However, WebWork has a wider range of features for time tracking, task management, and communication. Let’s see how WebWork Time Tracker is a better and well-deserved Time Doctor alternative.

Time Doctor Alternative | WebWork Tracker

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Time Doctor Alternative


Billing & Invoices

Team Chat


Task Management

Automated reports and analytics

WebWork Time Tracker has reports for each feature. They are for Timesheet, Timeline, Attendance, Activity Level, Statistics, Activity Description, Apps & Websites, Tasks, Productivity, Invoice and User Geolocations. The amount of information that these reports hold is more than enough to have a granular view of an employee’s work process.

Reports| Time Doctor Alternative WebWork Tracker

Automated payments

WebWork Time Tracker has the option of setting billed hours so that the user can be paid according to their worked hours. It also enables users to create their invoices right inside the tracker and based on their worked hours in a project. Users can add information such as the invoice provider, bill to, date and number of the invoice and even company logo.

Billing & Invoice | WebWork Tracker features

Fast communication

WebWork Time Tracker has a built-in messenger that simplifies the communication process of teams. Instead of going to another platform to discuss a project, team members can chat right on WebWork.

Messanger | WebWork Time Tracker

Transparency with 4 screenshot modes

WebWork Time Tracker has 4 Modes of Screenshots for all types of projects and situations. They are Screenshot Mode, Blurred, Background and No Screenshot Mode. Each type can be used according to the importance and privacy of a project.

Screenshots | WebWork Tracker features

Easier collaboration on tasks

WebWork Time Tracker has a built-in Task Management System that simplifies the process of assigning and monitoring tasks. As a result, there is no need to integrate the tracker with a separate task management tool.

Task Management | WebWork features

Why should you choose WebWork as a Time Doctor alternative?

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  • It is equally effective and doesn’t cost a fortune
  • It offers everything you need for time tracking and team management
  • It helps you stay aware of your team’s time and work process
  • It takes care of your team’s well-being
  • It improves productivity while tracking time

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