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Leave Management

Leave Management | WebWork Features

No more filling out sheets for holidays and leaves - WebWork has something better.
A Leave Management system that simplifies the process of requesting and providing holidays and time off.

Leave Management | WebWork Features

Minimum Chance of Errors

WebWork’s Leave Management ensures a lower chance of errors and missed details. When no sheets and manual forms are involved, man-made errors are reduced to a minimum.

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Consistency of information

Clear Communication and Easy Navigation

Leave Management | WebWork Features

When discussing time-off plans in the hallway or through a chat, there is a risk of miscommunication. Mainly, because some details may be missed or not recorded.

On WebWork’s Leave Management system, no details are missed. All the information is saved and can always be accessed, especially if there is a need to review the details.

You can always go back and check the details of that one day off you or your employee took last year.

Leave Management | WebWork Features
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Leave Management | WebWork Tracker

Saved Time

Leave Management | WebWork Tracker

Arranging a day off or vacation on WebWork also saves you time. You go to the settings, choose the employee, the leave type, and the duration. That’s it.

You also save time by managing and tracking your work on WebWork. Tracking the time spent on each task enables you to be more aware of where your time goes so that you can reduce wasted time.

How to Request Leave?

Leave Management | WebWork Features

In order to request a day off or vacation, simply go to the Leave Settings, choose the leave type, the duration and submit. The manager can then either approve or reject the request. Note that the manager can also arrange leave for their employees.

Leave Management | WebWork Features

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Create a list of holidays to let your team know which ones are working and which ones non-working days. You can also write a congratulatory message which WebWork Bot will send to your team on Slack.

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Task Management

Manage all your tasks and projects on WebWork and save time. Organize your projects and tasks in one place and follow their process. WebWork Task Management has everything you need for comprehensive work management.

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Attendance Monitoring

Know when your team members come and go by tracking their attendance. WebWork records attendance data, such as clock in and out, and creates attendance reports. These reports also include information on being late or leaving early.

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Who can approve or reject a leave request? icon

The owner of the workspace decides who can perform this action. In order to do it, the owner needs to go to Settings>General Settings>Leave and choose the person.

Where can I see my past day-offs? icon

Go to Time Off > Leave and choose the dates you want to see.

Can I edit my leave information? icon

Employees cannot make changes to already requested leave, but the manager can edit the leave information.

Save Time and Effort with WebWork’s Leave Management System.

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