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FAQ | WebWork Tracker

WebWork Time Tracker FAQ list will simplify your experience and guide you through the process of using the software. Our customer care team is always available if you have any other questions.

FAQ | WebWork Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WebWork record my screen? icon

WebWork Time Tracker only takes multiple screenshots at a random moment every 10 minutes interval. The number of screenshots you would like the tracker to take during a 10-minute interval is customizable.

Does WebWork record voice and video? icon

No, WebWork Tracker doesn't track audio or video from the user's PC or mobile.

Does WebWork track location? icon

The software tracks users’ geolocation only when they give the necessary permissions from their mobile devices. At this moment, this process is true only for mobile tracking.

How does WebWork Time Tracker reflect on productivity? icon

It gives detailed information about the average activity of a whole day/week by a percentage based on the mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. Through the feature, the software helps to measure a team's performance, understand which hours of the day an employee is being the most active/non-active, and will be able to take action upon those analyses.

How often does WebWork take screenshots? icon

WebWork Time Tracker takes multiple screenshots (the number of screenshots taken can be customized) every random moment at every 10 minutes interval.

Where are screenshots stored? icon

The data is stored in the Amazon S3 cloud. All the screenshots are kept for 6 months, apps & website data for 5 months, and other data will be available for a lifetime. Only the user, the Workspace owner, and the managers can view the screenshots. No one else has access to the screenshots and reports.

Can WebWork track IP addresses? icon

Yes, WebWork Time Tracker can track the IP addresses of the employees, while using the Desktop app.

How can I capture project expenses? icon

You can monitor your project budget by creating billable contracts with fixed hourly rates. You can also generate invoices based on the amount reports.

Does WebWork Time Tracker guarantee privacy? How does it address the issue? icon

We are transparent with our customers about how we collect, use, and process the information. More details are accessible here.

Can I hide WebWork Time Tracker from my staff? icon

No, as the Time Tracker is not working in stealth mode. In order to track the time of your employees, they need to be informed and install the trackers from their end to their pcs.

Does WebWork work offline? icon

It does. When your internet shuts down unexpectedly, WebWork Time Tracker continues to track time, takes screenshots for 6-7 hours of the time period, and stores that information in a cache. When the 6-7 hour time period passes, the "cache is full" appears on your screen, indicating that there is no available space in the cache. As soon as your internet is back again, the activity data gets synced back.

Which operating systems does WebWork support? icon

WebWork Time Tracker supports desktop trackers for Mac, Windows, Linux, mobile apps, IOS, and Android.

Does WebWork offer mobile apps? icon

Yes! The mobile tracker lets you track your employees’ time and geolocation through IOS and Android operating systems.

What are WebWork Time Tracker’s integrations? icon

Zapier Asana GitHub Jira Software Teamwork Zoho Projects BitBucket Wrike Trello Todoist ClickUp

In what countries is WebWork available? icon

The Time Tracker is available all over the world.

Can I use WebWork for free? icon

You can test the Time Tracker for 14-day for free. After the free trial, an invoice will be generated based on the current number of seats you will have on your team on the 14th day. You’ll need to make that payment for the coming month in order to be able to continue tracking. The price is $4.99 per seat/month. If you add more employees to your team in between the payment period, which is 30 days, on the 30th day, the new invoice will be generated, including the seats for newly added members from the day they have been activated. If you archive/delete a member, you can add another one for that free seat without any extra charge.

Can I try all the features during the free trial period? icon

Yes, you can. All features are included in the free trial. It is crucial for us to present the whole picture.

Can I cancel my subscription any time? icon

Start with a free 14-day trial with unlimited access to all the features. Buy your subscription after the free trial based on the active users' number at the moment of the payment. And CANCEL ANYTIME. You can contact the support team to proceed with the cancellation.

How can I change my card details for payment? icon

​If you want us to delete your current card details from the system, you can contact the Support Team to remove the current card details and attach a new one by making a new payment. When you make your next payment and click the automatic payment check box, the system will remember your new details and use that for the next payments.

What happens if I cancel my annual plan? icon

Please note that the monthly subscription payments are non-refundable. Annual subscriptions are partially refundable if you have not used them, meaning that the time you tracked for workspace is less than 20 hours within the first 30 days. You should create a ticket on our support page to apply for cancellation and refund.

Why may the activity level not be correctly measured on Mac OS? icon

Mac users need to give all the access to the permissions that the tracker asks for; otherwise, the tracker will not be able to detect keyboard/mouse actions. This link walks you through the steps of giving access to the permissions.

I am having issues with the WebWork Time Tracker stopping while I'm working? icon

The desktop tracker stops tracking whenever no activity is performed within 7 minutes. The default inactivity is 7 minutes, yet you are free to modify it from the settings.

Why can’t I see any screenshots when I track time with a webtracker/extension/mobile tracker? icon

The desktop tracker is the only platform that takes screenshots and tracks activity and productivity levels; other platforms only track hours.

I installed the app but cannot click on the start button. What is the reason? icon

Make sure you have a project assigned to you or contact your employer so they create a contract/project for you.

How to set time as billable by default? icon

Select the people section from the side menu > member > write the hourly rate you would like to set for your employee. You can also choose the currency of the hourly rate from the settings > workspace section.

How can I change the workspace owner? icon

You can change the owner’s email ID only, but switching between the owner’s role and another role is not possible.

Do the reports include the time while the users were inactive? icon

The duration the user wasn’t active will be displayed through gaps in the reports.

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