Witness Says San Antonio Police Did Not Offer Immediate Medical Help To 13-Year-Old Shot Friday | San Antonio News | San Antonio

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Facebook / San Antonio Police Department

A respondent fired his gun after the teenager allegedly boned another officer’s cruiser.

A neighbor who allegedly saw San Antonio police dealing with a 13-year-old suspect shot dead by an officer early Friday morning said it appeared they searched the boy rather than immediately get help , the Express-News reports.

An officer shot the youngster after the stolen car he was driving allegedly boned a police cruiser, according to reports last week. Authorities told the daily that officers helped the minor before he was taken to University Hospital, where he later died from his injury.

Witness Jesse Hernandez, who lives in the southwest San Antonio neighborhood where the incident occurred, told the Express-News he ran outside after hearing a siren and a gunshot. He told the newspaper he saw the police pull the boy out of the vehicle and rip off his clothes.

“Instead of trying to apply pressure, he’s pulling it and he’s still trying to poke it,” Hernandez, 32, said. “He got shot, you know. He won’t be able to catch anything.”

This account appears to contradict an SAPD report based on a review of body camera footage. Authorities told the Express-News the 13-year-old gunshot victim exited the stolen vehicle with her hands up and lying on the ground.

Hernandez said the injured youngster asked the officers “not to be so rough” and also told them he was “in pain”.

Additionally, the witness alleges that the stolen car was a compact and that he saw “little to no damage” to the Chevrolet Tahoe police vehicle, the Express-News reports.

Hernandez told the Express-News he recorded the entire incident and streamed it live on Facebook, but added that it has since been deleted from the social media site. The witness told the newspaper that he did not know who deleted the video.

According to new details released to the daily on Saturday, body camera footage shows that the officer in the car that was struck tried to get out of his vehicle. The officer managed to tuck his leg inside just before the collision.

According to SAPD officials, the cop who discharged his firearm did so because he feared the juvenile driver might hit a co-worker with the stolen car, according to the Express News.

Two other minors, a 15-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, were also in the stolen vehicle at the time of the incident, the newspaper reports. The girl was arrested for possession of heroin and the boy was placed in the care of a guardian.

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