UH Specialty Pharmacy Named Preferred Provider for Medical Mutual Plans

Medical Mutual of Ohio designated teaching hospitals Specialized pharmacy as the preferred specialty pharmacy for its health plan members, effective January 1. according to A press release.

This will provide access to UH specialty pharmacy services to patients covered under most Medical Mutual Affordable Care Act commercial and individual plans in northeast Ohio.

Specialty drugs, which are expensive and complex, are often prescribed to patients undergoing treatment for conditions such as rheumatology, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology and others, according to the release.

“Patient satisfaction for our specialty pharmacy is very positive, and we hope Medical Mutual members will appreciate the added value it brings to their healthcare experience,” said Eric Beck, Chief Operating Officer of UH, in a statement, noting that the pharmacy provides patient support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The deal follows Medical Mutual’s decision in 2017 to integrate UH facilities into its SuperMed network by reversing a contractual decision made more than two decades before excluding UH’s main campus and the UH Bedford.

UH Specialty Pharmacy stores medications in-house and enables direct connectivity with physicians and other prescribers, providing patients with faster access to care and more effective financial assistance. Pharmacy data indicates improved clinical outcomes through better compliance with drug prescriptions, according to the release.

“Having specialty pharmacy be closely aligned with prescribers will help improve clinical outcomes for our joint members,” Kathryn Canaday, vice president of pharmacy management at Medical Mutual, said in a statement provided.