Saving lives is the name of the game at Ribumed Medical Care

Health care should not be about getting rich, but about saving lives.

This was the central message delivered when Ribumed Medical Care opened in Ballito last Friday.

Located at the Odyssey Mall, the medical facility includes a behavioral center, renal care unit, medical suite, radiology, pathology and oncology center.

Jenny Bux, Sharon Govender and Larina Budnairanrein.

Guest speaker, Gift Of The Givers Founder, Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman, emphasized the importance of putting patients before profits.

“As much as money is necessary, it shouldn’t always be about money. We have to respond to people’s needs. For me, a simple thank you from a patient whose life was saved is much more important than making money,” Sooliman said.

Home Doctors – Dr Somashree Moodley, Dr Lara Broderick, Dr Clare de Groep and Dr David Marx.

He pointed out that overall, fee structures for specialists and doctors needed to be overhauled and medical aid schemes needed to lower their rates so that more people could afford medical aid, which would reduce the number of people having to depend on public hospitals.

“It can be done, but we have to change our way of thinking,” Sooliman said.

Gift of the Givers founder Dr Imtiaz Sooliman says saving lives is more important than profits.

Dr. Ramesh Bhoola pointed out that at Ribumed they are doing things differently by not only giving their doctors jobs but also shares.

“We really can’t let businessmen run hospitals because for them it’s always going to be about profit. By including young doctors in the management of the hospital, it means that the hospital cannot just reject them,” Bhoola said.

Matte Bellusci and Jacqui Rowe.

Asked if Ribumed would open a childcare unit following the impending partial closure of Netcare Alberlito’s pediatric facilities, he said if they could obtain a license they would be more than willing to do so.

“We have room and money. All we need is the license,” Bhoola said.

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