Released audio reveals Ta’Neasha Chappell pleaded with prison staff for medical help before he died

Audio released last month revealed how 23-year-old Ta’Neasha Chappell pleaded with prison staff to seek medical assistance for nearly 16 hours before dying in July 2021.

In recordings provided by Chappell’s family attorney, Sam Aguiar, staff at the Jackson County, Indiana jail can be heard growing irritated by Chappell’s pleas for help. She repeatedly told staff that she was vomiting blood and felt extremely sick, to no avail, Mail-Journal reports.

“I don’t know what you want me to do unless you spit something crazy,” a staffer told Chappell at 1:33 a.m. on July 16. By 6 p.m. that day, Chappell was dead.

“You can hear the decline,” Aguiar said of Chappell’s fragile health heard in the recordings.

“You could have put any rational human being on the other end of that intercom and they would have known something was seriously wrong.”

Audio confirms Chappell let officers know she was vomiting blood at least 12 hours before an ambulance was called, Wave 3 reports. The video also shows Chappell lying on the floor of her cell for hours, stripped naked and screaming for help.

Video clips show that Chappell was sometimes unable to stand and sit in his own waste. While corrections officers were seen opening the cell door, nothing was done to help Chappell.

Shortly after being taken to Schneck Medical Center, Chappell went into cardiac arrest and died. Doctors noted the possibility that Chappell was poisoned and recommended that she be checked for ethylene glycol, an ingredient found in common cleansers.

Although an autopsy revealed toxicity in his system, no determination has been made as to the exact substance. Chappell’s official cause of death has been listed as “undetermined”.

Journalist Roland Martin recently shed light on the mystery that remains around Chappell’s death.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant said there was no supporting evidence that Chappell was intentionally poisoned. In December, prosecutors declined to file charges related to Chappell’s death.

Chappell’s family has since filed a federal lawsuit against Jackson County Sheriff Rick Meyer, jail commander Chris Everhart and seven other jail employees. The trial is ongoing.

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