Protesters return to Peterborough Medical Officer’s Residence – Peterborough

Two people have been arrested after protesters showed up for the second time in five days outside the home of the medical officer of Peterborough Public Health on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning, the health unit said its weekly COVID-19 pandemic press conference hosted by Dr. Thomas Piggott scheduled for noon would be rescheduled to Friday due to “events at Dr. Piggott’s personal residence the last night and his need to be with his family.

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Peterborough politicians condemn protests outside medical officer’s home

The health unit did not release details about the incident.

However, videos circulating on social networks show individuals outside Piggott’s residence in East City, reportedly delivered a “cease and desist” letter to Piggott, demanding that he stop advocating the administration of COVID-19 vaccines and what they call “crimes against the ongoing humanity”.

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In one video, a woman is seen knocking on Piggott’s door, initially welcoming him to the neighborhood. Piggott, standing in the doorway, inquires about another individual behind the woman who was videotaping the incident. Piggott then quickly closes the door as the woman shouts “you’ve been served” and leaves an envelope outside the door.

Officers from the Peterborough Police Department were called to the scene. In another videoan officer is seen talking to a woman explaining why the police were called to the scene.

“I can’t tell him he can’t feel threatened like someone tried to hit him,” the officer said. “If he felt threatened, so be it.”

On Thursday afternoon, police said a 30-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman had been arrested in connection with the incident which occurred around 7 p.m.

Police said officers responded to the home about a ‘group of protesters’. A warrant has been requested and issued against two people involved in the incident.

At around 10 a.m. Thursday, officers located and arrested a Peterborough man on warrant. The woman was located and arrested around 1:30 p.m.

Both individuals have been charged with criminal harassment and intimidation of a health official.

The man also received a subpoena for two misdemeanor charges in connection with an unauthorized parade in the city on December 11, 2021.

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Both defendants were released on conditions. According to police, the woman is due in court on February 16 while the man has a court date of February 17.

“Peterborough Police take these incidents seriously and in this case have laid a charge under the new provisions of Bill C-3 of the Criminal Code,” police said.

The police did not identify the accused. However, in several videosa man identified as Tyler Berry – who has been a vocal opponent of COVID-19 vaccinations and provincial protocols – pointed to his arrest and release.

Police declined several interview requests with Global News Peterborough on Thursday. Police said they would be present at the weekly health unit briefing on Friday to answer questions.

On Saturday, January 15, individuals gathered outside Piggott’s residence. Police say they received calls from neighbors about “a multi-person protest” outside a home in East City.

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Piggott on Saturday night said he and his family were doing “fine” and he apologized to his neighbors.

Peterborough—Kawartha MLA Dave Smith called Saturday’s protest outside Piggott’s home “disgusting,” while Peterborough—Kawartha MLA Michelle Ferreri condemned the rally.

“I want to be clear, I condemn this behavior,” Ferreri tweeted. “When protests turn into personal attacks on our public health workers, a line must be drawn. I urge my constituents to exercise your rights peacefully; free from harassment and intimidation. Leave the house out of it. Period. We must continue to be firm in our joint support for public health workers in Peterborough to keep them safe at home.

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The day before, January 14, people gathered outside the health unit office building on King Street. Piggott said that day that he and his team were interrupted in their work by “threatening antivaxxers”.

“Enough already,” he tweeted. “Everyone has the right to express their beliefs, however mistaken they may be. But not at our expense. Healthcare workers and public health need protection and cannot be the scene of these terrorizing protests. »

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In late October 2021, police charged a man after they said a group of individuals gained access to a secure health unit office where employees worked. Video of the event on showed individuals handing out letters as “notice of accountability for their involvement in administering vaccines and ongoing crimes against humanity.”

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