Prana – Clinic on wheels, mobile medical care units that can be connected to each other

PRANA on Wheels – Initiative of the clinic on wheels / Augmented neo-medical aid in primary homelessness.

We have all faced a crisis unprecedented in Indian history. The lack of basic medical resources or the timely administration of these resources continues to be one of the main challenges for the underprivileged.

We have worked to step in and reach those who have limited or no access to support. Parikrma Humanity Foundation and Indiassetz have come together and will launch the initiative ‘Prana – Clinic on Wheels’ – Primary Roaming Augmented Neo-Medical Aid.

This mobile model meets three objectives:

  • The first is that it serves as a mobile critical care oxygen support unit with 4 beds that will provide emergency support to a critical patient until a suitable hospital capacity can be found for the patient. , if needed later.
  • The second is that it serves as a mobile vaccination administrator
  • The third is that it serves as a mobile clinic providing long-term basic medical care.
  • The unit has four beds for patients and will be equipped with an on-call doctor who will come voluntarily

The mobile unit can be docked at any pre-arranged docking point that is closer to a critical patient pool. Once the goal is reached, it can be driven to another docking station if needed. We can create as many units of this type as requested. To set up a unit, it costs us about Rs 60 lakhs including one time and running costs for 6 months. The Prana mobile units will serve disadvantaged communities in Bengaluru, covering 110 slums and covering a population of 20,000 people.

Shukla Bose Founder and CEO of the Parikrama Foundation says, “Bengaluru with a population of 1.3 crore has about nearly 10 lakh living in slums and needs 1000 such vehicles but our target is to reach 100 mobile clinics.”.

Shivam Sinha Founder and CEO Indiassetz said, “We have been touched by the work that the Parikrama Foundation does for the needy and oppressed, especially for the education of children and their families. By partnering with them, the purpose of our lives has become stronger and we will go the extra mile to support the needy.”