Ontario doctors support military doctor’s call to wear masks

from Ontario Doctors today support the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s recommendation that people wear masks in indoor public places to help stop the outbreak of COVID and other viruses in children.

“Wearing a mask is one of the most effective things you can do to protect yourself and those around you,” said OMA President Dr. Rose Zacharias. “We strongly recommend that people wear masks in public indoor spaces, especially when they are with children, the elderly or other vulnerable people.”

The OMA is also urging everyone to get their flu shot as well as their COVID-19 reminders. Ontario faces the “triple threat” of influenza, which arrived early, a resurgent viral illness in children known as RSV and the continued circulation of COVID.

It comes as the province’s health care system is already strained, even before the usual spike in emergency room visits and hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses in the winter.

Some pediatric hospitals and clinics are at full capacity and are limiting services as they deal with rising respiratory viruses. Both children and adults have been protected from these viruses during the pandemic through public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID, such as mandatory mask-wearing and physical distancing.