Night on the Town returns on Friday and will support Ukrainian medical aid – Loveland Reporter-Herald

Night on the Town, a Loveland tradition that seeks to draw residents and visitors to the town center, has a particular focus this week, according to event organizers.

This Friday’s Night on the Town will benefit groups helping victims of the war in Ukraine.

Colorado Ukrainians, a Denver-based nonprofit that recently began operating in northern Colorado, will receive funds from various companies donating proceeds from events during the Night on the Town festivities, which it will use to send medical supplies to Poland which then be forwarded to Ukraine.

The organization works with Project CURE, which has contacts in Ukraine, and receives information about what is needed, then sends that information to volunteers to help gather needed supplies.

According to Tim Garrett, a Lovelander who has been organizing the group’s activities in northern Colorado for a few months, the most recent appeal is for obstetrics kits or supplies needed to help women give birth. Many hospitals and clinics have been destroyed, and pregnant women are often on the move and unable to give birth in the safety and security these facilities would provide.

“It’s a mind-blowing thing for me to figure out,” Garrett said. “To say that women must depend on the goodwill of a neighbour. “What should we cut the umbilical cord with, and if there is a complication or a tear? What if you don’t have a suture, needle or thread?’ »

Businesses that will offer to help include Henry’s Pub, which will donate 10% of its overnight sales, and Burk’s Tavern, which will donate 15% of its sales. Others like the Lincoln Gallery and GLOBAL at Micah Place will feature art sales and performances, the proceeds of which will also help pay for medical supplies.

“Loveland Downtown District saw a chance to unite the community and support this very important cause,” Abby Powell, events and partnerships manager for Loveland Downtown District, said in a press release. “The Night on the Town event was a great opportunity to engage all downtown businesses and supporters and help make the night a show of support for Ukraine.”

Night on the Town takes place on the second Friday of each month from May to October. It started in 2005.

The full list of participating companies is available at You can also donate directly to Ukrainians in Colorado at