MOAS launches emergency mission to Ukraine to provide emergency medical care to civilians

International humanitarian organization MOAS has launched a fundraising campaign for a new program to provide emergency mobile medical care to war-affected civilians.

MOAS will deploy mobile medical units, ambulances and pharmaceutical aid, to respond quickly to health emergencies.

We also have the expertise and experience to provide medical evacuations, as well as emergency kits and first aid training for civilians, to increase community capacity to respond to medical emergencies.

“We must hurry,” said Regina Catrambone, co-founder and director of MOAS, “because the violence of war has devastating effects on the civilian population. Our goal is the rapid deployment of a medical team experienced in emergency medicine to help those in need. We are doing everything we can to respond efficiently and effectively to the best of our abilities, and we will continue to do so for as long as necessary.” “We also intend, if we we have the opportunity, to provide first aid kits and training to civilians to implement their capacity to respond to health emergencies,” Catrambone concluded.

To support the mission, you can donate at