Military doctor job – Loyola University New Orleans

Public security generalists (PSGs) / emergency physicians are unsworn civilian members of the university police service. This position assists the University Police Department with general public safety and security duties, which include responding to medical emergencies and providing appropriate medical care, security patrols, campus security escorts , writing reports, opening and locking doors / buildings / vehicles, issuing parking citations and other parking service needs, as well as other non-law enforcement duties as directed by the shift supervisor.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or equivalent. US citizen or resident alien. Certification and Licensing: Current / valid EMR, EMT license or higher, with the State of Louisiana and / or the EMT National Registry. Must maintain license while employed by the University. Current certification for Adult / Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) is required. A valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record as defined and approved by the Office of Risk Management and the University’s insurance company. Must pass a thorough background check, which includes both criminal and driving history, risk assessment, drug testing and medical clearance. Beliefs that support the principles of Jesuit Catholic higher education and the goals of Loyola University. Able to project and demonstrate honesty and integrity through personal conduct and reflect a helpful and positive attitude. Must have excellent communication and people skills. Must accommodate the cultural diversity found in an academic setting. Must be able to offer and demonstrate independent judgment and personal initiative. Must have the ability to demonstrate tact, diplomacy and courtesy in communicating with colleagues and the public. Must have the ability to relate and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Must have the ability to deal with stressful situations. PSGs occupy a position of trust and must maintain confidentiality. Violation of University or departmental privacy policies is grounds for immediate termination of employment and subjects PSG to arrest and / or academic discipline. Ability to work shifts that can be alternated. PSGs can be involuntarily reassigned to any shift to meet college needs. The refusal of a change of team may result in termination. PSGs must maintain a working telephone (cellular and / or residential) and immediately inform the University Police Department and Human Resources of any change in number. Mandatory overtime may be required to meet the needs of the department and / or the university. Refusal of these overtime hours may result in dismissal. Capable of detecting situations endangering life, safety and property.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to perform all functions of a Public Safety Generalist unaided, and at a pace and level of performance consistent with actual performance requirements. It requires a level of physical ability including hearing, speaking, flexibility and strength. Must be able to stand and / or sit for long periods of time (for example, observe at a fixed position, send or drive a shuttle). Must be able to drive a university vehicle day or night; in congested traffic and possibly in dangerous road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, etc. Must be able to communicate effectively and consistently through law enforcement and other radio channels. Must be able to perform patrolling duties that involve tasks such as shift work and physical checking of building doors and windows, including locking and unlocking functions to ensure they are secure . Able to assist emergency personnel in accidents, emergencies and disasters by administering first aid / CPR when trained and helping to remove people from dangerous situations and securing and evacuating people specific areas. Must be able to extinguish small fires using extinguishers and other suitable means. Must be able to handle stress in all conditions. May be called upon to lift and carry bollards, some weighing up to 37 lbs, as well as pulling and pushing bollards into place. Must have the ability to operate camera controls and recording equipment. Must be able to accurately view CCTV monitors, and have the ability to speak clearly and hear effectively for all types of conversations, telephone ringing and alarm signals. The job requires good vision day and night

In accordance with the Campus Security Act as amended, Loyola University annually publishes and distributes to members of the university community, and upon request to potentials (students / employees), an annual security report. This report includes the current policies and procedures of the university police department for reporting crime on campus, notifying the campus community of the occurrence of crime on campus, policies regarding access to campus buildings, the enforcement power of university police officers and their relationship with local police. . University policies on the possession, use and sale of alcohol and illegal drugs are described. The campus sexual assault policy and program is described. Campus crime statistics as defined in this law for the last three calendar years are included. A copy of this report can be obtained from the (Admissions Office), (Human Resources Office) or the University Police Department.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires the University to inform you that we can only employ US citizens and foreigners legally authorized to work in the United States. Each new employee is required to present documents proving his identity and his right to accept a job.

Loyola University New Orleans is an Affirmative Action / Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We particularly encourage applications from women and members of minority groups protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as well as persons with disabilities.