Medical mutual insurance company, Molina Healthcare offers

NEWARK – Starting January 1, Medical Mutual of Ohio and Molina Healthcare of Ohio will be offering a variety of market products with health service coverage through Licking Memorial Health Systems to local residents.

The partnership enables market members to receive care at Licking Memorial Hospital, as well as access to LMHS home care services, inpatient rehabilitation unit and specialist physician offices at Licking Memorial Health Professionals.

Members can also use LMHS emergency care centers in Granville, Pataskala and downtown Newark. The services covered will depend on the plan chosen.

Over the past two years, many market plan companies have revised or discontinued the offerings available in Licking County and may no longer cover LMHS services.

Many companies participating in the health insurance market have revised or discontinued the offerings available in Licking County.

Licking Memorial Health Systems will be a network provider in 2018, for Molina Marketplace Silver Plan, Molina Marketplace Options Silver Plan and Molina Marketplace Gold Plan.

LMHS will also be a network provider for: MedMutual Market HMO 7350 Bronze, MedMutual Market HMO 6400 HSA Bronze, MedMutual Market HMO 5250 HSA Bronze, MedMutual Market HMO 3500 Silver, MedMutual Market HMO 2000/30 Silver, MedMutual Market HMO 2400 Silver, MedMutual HMO 4000 HSA Silver market and MedMutual HMO 2000/25 Gold market.

If you changed your 2018 registration before Friday, December 15, your new plan will take effect on January 1.

If you have changed after Friday, December 15, you can only change your 2018 plan if you are eligible for a special registration period. Visit for more details.