Medical Mutual aims to control the cost of routine lab tests

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new benefit from Medical Mutual will help customers save money on common lab tests, the cost of which can vary widely from one healthcare provider to another despite the small difference in service or quality.

Effective January 1, 2016, Medical Mutual will launch Coverage Maximum, a pilot program designed to control the costs of 40 basic laboratory tests. The program is the first of its kind in Ohio and will be rolled out to Medical Mutual customers under the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System Retiree Health Plan, as well as to Medical Mutual employees.

“As healthcare choices and costs shift to consumers, a benefit like maximum coverage can save our members money, in addition to controlling the costs of these widely used lab tests,” said Medical Mutual Chairman and CEO Rick Chiricosta.

The program works like this: lab tests will be covered up to a certain price, known as maximum coverage. If a provider’s rate is equal to or less than the coverage maximum, customers pay normal charges and out-of-pocket. But if the rate is higher than the coverage maximum, users will also pay the difference and the extra cost will not apply to their deductibles.

Medical Mutual customers participating in the program will need to check to ensure that the coverage caps apply to their lab tests. They should speak with their doctors and check Compare my treatmentsthe cost comparison tool available through My Health Plan, which is the secure member website at The majority of Medical Mutual’s lab providers currently have rates below the coverage caps, and they are listed on My Care Compare.

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