Medical aid reaches Ukrainian hospitals and besieged communities

By staff

Direct Relief medical aid, including treatment of combat injuries and trauma care, continued to arrive in Ukraine this week.

On March 15, the Ukrainian NGO Charity Fund Modern Village and Town distributed 13 pallets of medical aid to locations in central Ukraine, including a local hospital that provides outpatient care in the area (the specific location is retained for security reasons).

Antibiotics, surgical supplies, mental health drugs and chronic disease drugs have reached the hospital, along with oxygen concentrators for patients requiring respiratory support, including those recovering from Covid- 19. The Charity Fund Modern Village and Town also distributed inhalers provided by Direct Relief for asthma and other respiratory conditions, as well as personal care products to people displaced by the conflict.

The shipment is just one of a series of major medical donations to arrive in the country, with Direct Relief growing exponentially to meet medical needs resulting from the ongoing conflict.

Direct Relief Response

Below are the humanitarian medical aid deliveries that have been made or are in transit to Ukraine, which total 200 pallets and 104,054.2 lbs. (47,198.19 kg or 52 tonnes) of drugs, medical equipment and medical supplies.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has requested and approved every Direct Relief item, including those that have arrived and will arrive in Ukraine.

The vast Direct Relief medical donations delivered in the first two weeks after the outbreak of the war were mobilized from Direct Relief distribution centers in the United States and Europe, as well as other European locations.


57 pallets of medicines and medical supplies to Ukraine

  • March 9: 24 pallets with medicines for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, medicines for asthma, respiratory medicines and oncology medicines were delivered to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health from Europe.
  • Mbow 7: 13 pallets containing oxygen concentrators, emergency backpacks for first responders, family hygiene kits, Proventil inhalers (for asthma) and an emergency sanitary kit containing emergency medicine Prepackaged emergency and medical supplies for emergency care at the hospital level have arrived in Ukraine and are being used by local medical responders.
  • March 4: 20 pallets of emergency first responder backpacks containing trauma and first aid supplies such as bandages, tourniquets, gauze, trauma shears, medication and personal safety equipment were delivered at the Ministry of Health in Ukraine.


143 pallets of medical aid to Ukraine

  • 12 pallets containing 200 medical O2 concentrators (10L units) to support COVID and other emergency hospital care are being trucked in from Direct Relief’s distribution center in Europe.
  • An airlift left the United States for Ukraine with 67 pallets of medicine and emergency supplies, including wound care, antibiotics, painkillers, primary care medicines, chronic medicines, medical equipment personal protection and maternal and child health supplies.
  • 52 pallets of IV antibiotics, type 2 diabetes medication and hypothyroidism medication are staged for Ukraine at Direct Relief’s European distribution center.


Several aid shipments bound for Ukraine

  • March 17/18: Airlift from the United States with 30 pallets of emergency medications and supplies, including wound care, antibiotics, painkillers, cardiovascular medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, IV fluids, eye drops prescription, anti-epileptic drugs, PPE and hygiene kits.
  • March 26 – A FedEx 777 charter will leave the United States for Ukraine with approximately 230,000 pounds / 104,326 kg of medical aid requested by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, including significant quantities of emergency medicine and supplies, antibiotics, trauma and wound medication, chronic disease medication, insulin, personal protective equipment, oxygen concentrators, emergency health kits, hygiene supplies emergency and emergency first responder backpacks.

Direct aid for Ukraine