Medical aid reaches six countries, 32 U.S. states and territories

In the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 329 consignments of medical aid requested in six countries around the world, including the United States.

Content shipments 1.4 million defined daily doses of drugs, including therapies to treat hospitalized Covid-19 patients, specialty oncology drugs, diabetes management therapies including insulin, rare disease therapies, antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, and protective gear individual.

A shipment to Hope Foundation for Women and Children Hospital in Bangladesh of 45 midwifery kits containing enough medical supplies to facilitate 2,250 deliveries was also included.

Midwives at Hope Hospital in Bangladesh recently received a medical shipment from Direct Relief. (Courtesy photo)

Hope Hospital employs approximately 80 midwives. Between May and July, these midwives helped deliver 1,763 babies. Hope Foundation Hospital also received Direct Relief Fistula Repair Modules containing surgical tools to repair birth injuries.

United States

Direct rescue delivered 321 shipments weighing 3,587 lbs and containing 641,303 doses of medication over the past week to 190 organizations in 32 states and territories. Among them were:

  • Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center, Inc., Mississippi
  • Agape Clinic, Texas
  • Community Health of East Tennessee, Inc., Tennessee
  • Wellness Pointe, Texas
  • Community Care Center, North Carolina
  • North Jefferson County Clinic Pharmacy, Texas
  • Ubi Caritas Health Ministries, Texas
  • HOPE Project, Inc., New Jersey
  • Health Access, Incorporated, West Virginia
  • Cove House Free Clinic, Texas


This week, outside the United States, Direct Relief shipped over 731,398 defined daily doses drugs totaling 22,845 pounds.

A community health worker from Integrated Health in Togo. With a shortage of doctors in the country, community health workers are essential for patients who might otherwise go without care. Direct Relief has supported Integrate Health with medical assistance for the past seven days. (Courtesy photo)

Countries that have received medical help in the past week are:

  • Ukraine
  • Lebanon
  • Panama
  • Honduras

Year to date

As of January 1, 2021, Direct Relief has delivered 19.8K mailings to 2,312 organizations in 55 US states and territories and 97 countries. These shipments contained 301.4 million defined daily doses of drugs valued at $ 2.0 billion (wholesale) and totaled 7.8 million pounds.

Direct Relief also supported 479 organizations in 45 countries with $ 58.3 million in grants.

In other news

The Nonprofit Times this week published The NPT 100, its annual ranking of the largest nonprofits in the United States.

Direct Relief is ranked # 10, up from 16 last year, marking the first time Direct Relief has made it into the top 10 organizations on the list.

Direct Relief is the only nonprofit in the top 10 to avoid government funding.

According to the report, “Direct Relief (# 10, $ 1.999 billion) recorded the third largest revenue increase in the NPT 100, behind Feeding America (# 5, $ 3.571 billion) and United Way (# 2, $ 5,195). billion).”

NPT 100 Nonprofit Time

Rank Organization Total income
1 The Y (YMCA of the USA) 6,207,332,000
2 United Way 5 195 923 300
3 Catholic Charities United States 4,219,272,150
4 The Salvation Army 4,004,476,000
5 Feed America 3,571,430,346
6 American Red Cross 2,839,409,246
seven Boys and Girls Clubs of America 2 419 120 913
8 Habitat for International Humanity 2,283,274,000
9 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 2 005 205 411
ten Direct relief 1 999 565 510
Source: Nonprofit Times,

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