Liberia: chief medical officer raises awareness in Maryland of Covid

Maryland County – Deputy Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer Dr Francis Kateh urged citizens of Maryland County in southeast Liberia to adhere to all health protocols prescribed by the ministry and Liberia National Institute of Public Health.

He met with citizens and visited COVID-19 treatment centers in the county.

The meeting with local stakeholders was held on Tuesday July 20 and Wednesday July 21 bringing together the Mayor of Pleebo City, Wellington Kyen, the Superintendent of the Statutory District Aluysious William, the Deputy Director of Partners In Health Viola Karanja, Dr Emmanuel Flomo , Physician Officer at JJ Dossen Hospital in Harper, among others.

Dr Kateh said the urgent travel to the county is due to a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and to assess the well-being of patients at treatment centers.

“Over the past three weeks, COVID-19 cases have increased in the county and I think this is something we should not forget. Since we had our first case of COVID-19 in early March of last year, we have not come out of COVID-19; it has always been in this county and the point is, as long as other countries surrounding Liberia are still reporting cases of COVID-19, it is possible that every country is still struggling, ”he said.

He said during the first wave of infection the highest number of reported cases per week was 256 and the second wave per week was 104, but the third wave recorded the highest cases of 1,134 per week, noting the frustrating situation regarding the current resurgence. killing people every day.

“Many people have died from this third wave in the past few days, including Maryland County which has reported four cases of death in the districts of Pleebo and Harper. »Https:// -cas-1-mort /

The chief medical officer explained that despite the reactions to the third wave of the virus, people who test positive still deny that their families are positive for the virus.

“Many times people will say that their people have diabetes and high blood pressure and have lived with it for many years. But let me say that their risk of getting infected is very high. [possible]. “

“So we always advise our people with this type of disease to be more careful, because if you test positive for COVID-19, your chances of surviving as hypertensive and diabetic patients are very high. So, the sooner the better. will be your diagnosis or the sooner you start treatment, this is always important to you. So due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Maryland, I decided that I had to come so that I and the local county authorities are discussing how we as citizens can fight the virus because this virus is not easy for all of us as citizens.

While in the county, he also visited the COVID-19 treatment centers at JJ Dossen Hospital and the Cavalla Rubber Company to assess the care and well-being of patients in the facilities.

Dr Kateh was accompanied by Associate Director of Partners In Health – Liberia, Viola Karanja, and Dr Emmanuel Flomo, doctor at JJ Dossen Hospital, and other officials.

He interacted with patients and encouraged them to continue with their treatments and observe COVID-19 protocols.

“The patients are happy with what has been done for them here and I want to say a big thank you to the team here and to the partners, especially Partners In Health, for working with the team here.”

He said the government had instituted rapid tests, followed by surveillance in communities to break transmission, adding that treatment centers are now admitting symptomatic cases with or without conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer. HIV and tuberculosis.

Also speaking, Emmanuel Flomo, medical officer of health at JJ Dossen, explained that the hospital admits serious and critical patients, including the elderly with complications such as diabetes, hypertension and other conditions, saying “Our main goal is to stop the transmission of COVID-19.