Kenyan doctor kidnapped by terrorists

21/02/2022 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – A Kenyan doctor was abducted on Friday February 18 after Somali al-Shabaab militants stormed Fino Hospital in Lafey, Mandera County. In a statement, the police reported that,

“Jackson Kabuu, a doctor in charge, was taken from the homes of hospital staff alongside two other doctors when ten armed men forced their way into the hospital at 7.30pm but later released the two.”

Lafey is in the eastern part of northern Kenya, about five kilometers from the porous Kenya-Somalia border where Al-Shabaab members move in and out to stage attacks. The Kenya Clinicians Union (KUCO) has complained about lax security to protect medical staff in Mandera County.

“Despite our calls for enhanced security for essential service providers operating in these polarized regions, it is disappointing that serious security incidents continue to occur. Article 29 of our Kenyan Constitution gives every Kenyan the right to security, so we cannot stand behind the scenes as Kenyans are denied their basic right,” quoted George Gibore, the secretary of KUCO.

The union further called on the government to explain to the public the circumstances under which the three doctors were abducted and the steps taken to ensure Kabuu’s rescue.

Coincidentally, this incident happened the same week when Isaack Robow, a driver assigned to two Cuban doctors kidnapped in 2019 in Mandera, was convicted under Article 215 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CPC) for collaborating with al-Shabaab terrorists. The Nairobi court proved through recorded evidence that Issack willfully stopped the vehicle carrying the two foreign doctors and allowed them to be abducted by the terrorists. The two doctors were among about 100 Cuban doctors working in Kenya as part of an exchange program between the two countries.

Since 2011, when Kenya sent its troops to Somalia, northeastern Kenya has seen hundreds of non-local Christians killed or abducted by the terror group, a case that has led to mass transfers of teachers and teachers. other officials in the region. A local church leader in Mandera observes,

“Education, transport, health and commerce in the region have been polarized by the endless attacks by al-Shabaab members from our neighboring county. There is a general shortage of teachers, doctors and also business people because non-local residents have been targeted because of their faith. It is unfortunate that the few Christians who have put their lives on the line to serve the Kenyans here, the majority of whom are of Somali ethnicity, are being killed and kidnapped.

He added,

“We ask believers around the world to rally behind us in prayer as we seek to fulfill Christ’s mission in this region which has dozens of Islamic insurgents at large.”

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