International Medical Aid contributions to the development of the Education Abroad Forum guidelines for community learning experiences abroad

“International Medical Aid (IMA) provides students and institutions with community-based global health education and study abroad programs.”

IMA’s contributions to the development of the Education Abroad Forum were launched at the Forum’s 18th Annual Conference. Led by Phares Odhiambo, Program Director for East Africa, IMA said, “We are grateful to announce International Medical Aid’s contributions to the development of the Education Abroad Forum. Guidelines for Community Learning Experiences Abroad.” The Guidelines for Community Learning Abroad Experiences provide detailed information on experiential education and internship programs abroad, giving institutions effective standards for developing mutually beneficial programs for students and local communities.

International Medical Aid (IMA), a non-profit organization, partners with students and institutions to provide health care and medical resources to the poorest parts of the world. The broad-based organization works to improve medical and public health access to these areas by rolling out mobile and fully staffed healthcare campaigns. The organization deploys pre-medical volunteers who can serve and learn overseas.

“We partner with an extensive network of public and private hospitals to provide practical and rewarding programs tailored to each individual’s specific skills and background.”

Founded by Roger Voter and Homayon Ghassemi, International Medial Aid has become an enduring model for non-profit organizations that provide medical and hygiene resources to underprivileged populations around the world.

Through IMA Medical Internships Abroad, physicians, medical residents, nurse practitioners, medical students, physician assistants, and undergraduate medical students can work in busy international hospitals. They also receive mentorship from dedicated physicians and healthcare professionals. To make this possible, International Medical Aid partners with public and private hospitals to tailor programs that build people’s skills and experience. “We offer overseas internships, overseas medical internships, overseas nursing opportunities, pre-dental experiences, pre-med volunteering and overseas doctor shadowing .”

IMA serves as an alternative to for-profit organizations, recognized as the ethical leader in global health education and medical internships. “Founded on values ​​of integrity, mutual respect and commitment to the communities we serve, International Medical Aid is at the forefront of the new normal for medical non-profit organizations and pre-volunteering. medical all over the world.

International Medical Aid is present on three continents and seven countries, including Peru, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia and Haiti. The scope of IMA’s global initiatives continues to grow as the organization includes first responder training, public health education and multi-specialty medical aid. “The work of our clinical staff, our organizational partners and each of the hospital volunteers supervised has improved and continues to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. As our organization continues to grow, we remain true to our humble roots.

Through its IMA Safaris program, International Medical Aid’s doctor shadowing programs give people the opportunity to visit new places abroad, in addition to their learning experiences. “Through established relationships with award-winning guides, lodges and travel agencies around the world, IMA simplifies travel for volunteer interns while providing parents back home with a single point of contact for peace of mind. mind.” The IMA Safaris program also provides volunteer interns with comprehensive accident and medical evacuation insurance at no additional cost.

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