I have debts and I earn on them. Clearing for intelligent people.

I know that for many readers at the stage of thinking “I have a long and lost the sense of life” will be a science fiction reading, but nevertheless I appeal – read to the end. This is all true. Just the stage of your thinking does not allow such a scenario to the mind. As in the ’70s, it was not imagined that you could have a computer, telephone, camera, recorder in the 1940s, the size of a cigarette box. It just seemed impossible. Now it will seem ridiculous to any smartphone owner. But there are things that exceed the possibilities of the imagination. I dedicate this article to those who cannot believe that they can make money on their own debts.


I have debts and I want to get along

I have debts and I want to get along

Unfortunately, there is nobody with you. Creditors have transferred cases to debt collection companies, where they are able to repeat several learned patterns over and over again. You double and triple, but all settlement proposals are throwing peas against the wall. On the other hand, the creditor’s proposals mean repayment of the entire debt. Now and now. Preferably yesterday. Because if not a court and bailiff.

Fighting windmills begins to mentally depress you. You came out of the crisis and want to start paying back as much as possible, but nobody wants to talk to you like a partner. You feel paper stuck in the ground, trampled and dirty. After several months of unsuccessful requests that creditors want money from you – you give up. You stop asking and being nice. You want a bailiff – you will have it – you change the way you think about debt, honesty and ethics of the debtor.


I have a long time to react

debt loan

You already know that the creditor’s only weapon is a bailiff. The creditor has no other weapon. He has been threatening you with it so far, and you have panicked. But it was it worth it. Since Polish law allows you to knock out the creditor’s only weapon – you do it. You have a long but also a long time to react. It will take a long time for the creditor to arm. The court must issue an order, the order must become final, and only then goes to the bailiff.

However, you are ready to fight. Because at that time you changed the thinking “I have a long life and lost my sense of life” to “I have a long life, but it doesn’t change anything in my life”. It was enough just to learn how to knock the opponent out of hand. That is, make the bailiff’s execution cease to concern you. Find an effective way for a bailiff.


I have debts and the creditor is in trouble

I have debts and the creditor is in trouble

Begins. Bailiff executions from all sides. Searching for assets and sources of income. You take it indifferently, because you know that each subsequent bailiff after checking you in ZUS (you do not work full time), land and mortgage registers (you do not have real estate because you had time to take care of it) and the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (wise debtor does not have a car registered in it) recognizes the execution as ineffective. And makes redemption. Informing the creditor, who is like a king from Andersen’s fairy tale …


The creditor is naked

credit loan

Because that’s how it looks. The creditor did not want to reach a settlement with you, because – as the debt collectors used to say – a bailiff will bring him all your money. And what if it doesn’t bring? At this point, we come to the stage where the creditor realizes that your debts are his trouble.

Because the weapon that scares other debtors with love, shoots you with blanks. And it is up to you at this point when and on what terms you will return the money. He – the creditor – can, of course, constantly shoot at you with the same weapon that does not work on you completely. You know how you can neutralize a bailiff – the only institution that provides the creditor with the opportunity to recover money. If this turns out to be ineffective, the creditor will change from terrible to partner and will begin to seek settlement. 


Settlement vs debt assignment

debt assignment

When a defenseless creditor starts talking to you, these conversations are no longer like the recovery from the beginning of this story. He will not dare to say “tomorrow all or bailiff” because you will snort in his face. It will not ridicule or compromise, because at this stage the casual and random employees no longer participate as in the debt recovery stage.

At this stage, if you use it wisely, you can easily distribute the debt into convenient multi-year installments with interest retention or write off part of the debt by paying off the rest one time. Each of the negotiated variants will be beneficial for you. The creditor knows that he has ceased to be dangerous to you for what he created. And he became meek and pleading. He knows that if he doesn’t sign a settlement with you he will have to sell your debt quickly. And the assignment of debt means a considerable loss.


sell your debt for 15% of the value,

although for you this option would be the most profitable. After all, the change of creditor as a result of the assignment means that the object of the transaction, your claim, has lost its value significantly.

Mathematics doesn’t lie. Each 1000 dollars sold for 15% has a value of 150 dollars for the new owner (because he bought the claim for so much). How much do you have to pay to make it profitable for him to settle with you?

Much depends on which securitization fund purchased your debt. And who talks about the repayment. Basically, you can assume that if you offer a new creditor twice as much he has paid for the debt, then the employee analyzing the proposal will be an idiot if he does not accept the offer.

By offering $ 300 -450 for every $ 1000 of your debt, you give the fund a 100-200% profit. Profit, which receives immediately. If it’s greedy or having employees with no sense of negotiation, it will follow the same path as the original creditor. He will issue a court order and a bailiff with worthless paper in the form of an order for payment …

Therefore, each of the large players on the market knows and understands that when you meet an opponent like you, you need to take advantage of the possibility of getting rid of debt and earn on it. The fund earns because it collects more than it has spent on its purchase. You earn on your debts because you pay off … much less than you borrowed.

And the best part is that both you and the fund (ie the one who bought your debt) earn on this operation. How much? It’s up to you.


Earn on your debts

Earn on your debts

When you started reading this text, the slogan “I have debts and earn on them” probably seemed to you without any sense. Now you can see that you can also earn on your debt. When it changes form and form, it becomes a claim, ie a market commodity, its price is no longer determined by the accounting amount of debt.

And for how much you want and you can buy the debt from the creditor, Remembering the iron rule that debt collectors don’t treat you emotionally. You are not a debtor for them like a bank or loan company. You are a trading partner for them because they have goods that apply to you. And because they bought it cheaply, you can also buy it cheaply. It is only important that the company can earn on you. And she won’t be interested in the fact that you took $ 100,000 from the bank and you gave away $ 35,000.

It is important for her that she can earn $ 20,000 without courts, bailiffs, recovery costs and waiting, it is not known how much for any effects. When you can have them immediately, as long as it offers good repayment terms. And thanks to them you can – which many probably will never believe – earn on your debts.

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