“HIV, a punishment from God,” says Perlis doctor before being crucified online

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“Inaccurate and unnecessary” was the opinion expressed by Internet users when they reported a local medical assistant in Perlis for posting discriminatory material against HIV-positive patients on TikTok.

Videos circulating online show a man identified like Mohd Izham, who is noted being an assistant doctor at the Kuala Perlis public health clinic, telling the story of a patient who came to be treated for a venereal disease.

“It’s either one of the next three things, HIV, syphilis, or gonorrhea, so I ordered a blood test. When the results arrived, they confirmed that Azrul (not the patient’s real name) had HIV. Boho positive, ”Mohd Izham said in the clip and described how more than shocked the patient was upon receiving the news.

In addition to explaining in detail the condition of his patient’s genitals, the assistant made some rather insensitive statements that HIV, or the human immunodeficiency virus, was created by God to punish adultery.

“Why Did God Create HIV? It’s to punish adulterers and immoral people. God made no cure for HIV boh, ”he said, preaching people to stop sinning.

The assistant then explained how safe sex practices, such as wearing condoms, had no effect in preventing someone from contracting HIV if God willed.

It is not just you who will be ashamed, your parents and family will be embarrassed.

Mohd Izham via TikTok / Twitter

Mohd Izham’s TikTok account he posted the video to has apparently been disabled.

Obviously, the video drew criticism from Malaysians online who said the information provided by the doctor was both inaccurate and damaging to HIV-positive patients.

First let’s lay out the facts

HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system, which makes a person more susceptible to other diseases.

There is currently no effective cure for the virus and once a person is infected they have it for life, and the only sure way to know if a person has it is to get tested.

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HIV can be transmitted to other people through the exchange of bodily fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and even breast milk. HIV-positive mothers can also pass the virus to their children during pregnancy and childbirth.

There are three stages of HIV: acute, chronic and the final stage known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS.

However, with proper and immediate medical care, HIV can be controlled to prevent a person from developing AIDS and to help people live long and healthy lives.

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With the right treatment, an HIV-positive patient can suppress the virus enough that they themselves are not transmissive to pass the virus on to others.

Of course they say that prevention is always better than finding a cure, so people are advised to adopt practices such as safe sex among others.

Victims of sexual assault are also advised to seek medical attention immediately, and there are medications like post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) that a person can take to avoid contracting HIV after recent exposure to the virus.

Overall, like most earthly diseases inflicted on mankind, HIV is not a death sentence.

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