ESI Employee Assistance Group joins the family of medical mutuals

CLEVELAND – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Today, Medical Mutual announced the purchase of ESI Employee Assistance Group, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider based in Wellsville, NY.

ESI, founded in 1983, offers a differentiated EAP that promotes employee well-being, promotes personal and professional development, and improves productivity. The company currently supports more than 1,800 employer groups representing approximately 600,000 employees across North America. ESI reports a 98% customer satisfaction rate and three times the utilization rate of other EAPs.

“Employee assistance programs are opportunities for employers to support the health and general well-being of their employees. We know from our existing clients the value employers see in these programs, ”said Rick Chiricosta, Chairman, President and CEO of Medical Mutual. “ESI is a leader in this area. The programs they offer are best in class.

ESI provides end-to-end employee wellness solutions. This includes everything from counseling on relationships and family issues to helping with childcare for the elderly and children, as well as personal coaching on home buying and student debt. In addition, ESI offers EAP options tailored to specific industries, such as EAP for Educators, EAP for Healthcare, EAP for Public Safety, Union Assistance Program and EAP. for higher education.

“All of us at ESI Employee Assistance Group are delighted and proud to join the Medical Mutual family of companies. Medical Mutual shares our absolute commitment to providing the best health and wellness services to the employees and employers we serve, ”said Jim Walter, CEO of ESI. “We look forward to working with the team at Medical Mutual to continue to add benefits and services to everyone we serve. ”

Medical Mutual will integrate ESI’s EAP offerings into the company’s range of products and services. ESI will also continue to offer stand-alone EAP products to businesses across North America. Piper Sandler was Medical Mutual’s primary financial advisor.

About the Ohio Medical Mutual

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