Compensation Fund calls on retirees and workers without medical assistance to queue for vaccinations

The Compensation Fund (CF) has called on retirees and workers, without medical coverage, to get vaccinated as the CF has done, in partnership with the Rand Mutual Assurance Company Limited (RMA) and The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM), has made more than R 1.3 billion available to support the government’s efforts to finance vaccines.

The funding is expected to help immunize around three million uninsured workers and retirees.

The workers and retirees who will be covered by the contribution will be vaccinated as part of phases 2 and 3 of the vaccination program in accordance with the plan defined by the Ministry of Health (DoH).

The workers who will benefit from this initiative are mainly low to semi-skilled vulnerable workers, who have the least resources to compensate for the loss of income, whether temporary or permanent, resulting from hospitalization or temporary incapacity. due to Covid-19 infection, CF states.

The entities will also contribute to the costs of people receiving a pension who qualify for Covid-19 vaccination under the Workplace Injury and Occupational Disease Compensation Act.

This collaboration will help the government procure vaccines to inoculate the adult population of South Africa to meet the herd immunity target of 67%.

The costs of purchasing enough vaccine to inoculate at least two-thirds of the population remains a concern for the country as, earlier this year, the DoH told Parliament that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine would cost $ 10, or about R147 per dose.

The CF, RMA and GEF initiative is part of the ongoing collaboration between the public and private sectors to close the financial gap for the vaccine deployment program.

Commenting on the initiative, the CF Commissioner Vuyo Mafata says the collaboration “marks an important turning point” in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“If we can have more parties on board to support in the same vein, we can play an important role in providing a much needed safety net for millions of vulnerable workers and retirees who cannot afford to fund their vaccinations. or to pay for private care. health care, ”says Mafata.

Mafata further recognizes that while some challenges remain within the CF, these are a high priority for resolution.

CEO of RMA Mandla shezi, meanwhile, adds that through the collaboration, support will be provided to help bear the financial burden of vaccine costs and enable access to healthcare to ensure that “no one is left behind in this process. “.

Public-private partnerships have a crucial role to play in achieving tangible social impact, demonstrating the importance of collaboration, adds Shezi.

In the past 12 months, the CF, RMA, and FEM have received 22,663 Covid-19 claims and accepted responsibility for 12,523 of them.

Retirees over 60 and workers in this age group are encouraged to register with the government’s electronic vaccine data system.