City recognizes NCDOT employees for providing medical aid to resident

KERNERSVILLE, NC (WGHP) – Two NCDOT workers were recently recognized by the city of Kernersville for providing medical aid to a resident in need.

John P. Coleman and Jeremy Shoffner, two NCDOT Division 9 Roadside Environmental transportation supervisors, were driving through Kernersville when they noticed someone on their porch in medical distress.

“While walking past and seeing the situation, I felt something was wrong,” said Coleman, who has been a volunteer firefighter since age 15 and is now a volunteer firefighter lieutenant. “I looked at Jeremy and said we need to turn around and find out what’s going on.”

The couple stopped and drove to the house to offer help. Both men received training in CPR and first aid.

Coleman administered CPR with assistance from Shoffner until firefighters and police arrived on the scene.

Coleman said he had seen a lot of different things over the years as a firefighter, but finding himself in an unexpected situation like this on his day job was very different from what he was at. used to. Coleman said in his experience with taking calls for fires, there’s time to think, plan and execute when you arrive on the scene.

Shoffner said he was nervous because it was his first time using his NCDOT first aid training in a real-life situation, but both men agreed it was an act of God that put them there. the.

“I’m grateful that God put me there at the right time and in the right place to help, and that God knew we could do it,” Shoffner said. “It fills my heart to have the positive result and to know that I helped save this man’s life and that he is now alive and well.”

Both men were recognized by the City of Kernersville Board of Aldermen for their efforts and received Certificates of Merit.

Both men said they were deeply honored and pleased that the Mayor of Kernersville, Fire Department and Forsyth County Emergency Medical Services took the time to recognize them in the presence of their colleagues. They also thanked the first responders who arrived quickly to administer the aid.