Ballarat Football Netball League will provide professional medical care at all youth matches | The mail

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Two third-party intermediate first responders will be on the sidelines at every Ballarat Football Netball League junior football and netball game in what is believed to be the first initiative of its kind in the state. The partnership between BFNL and Vita First Aid will see professional medical care become immediately available on matchdays while easing pressure on clubs, many of which have struggled with volunteer numbers in recent years. Vita First Aid regional director Scott Balmer said immediate responders could make high-level decisions and liaise with ambulances and hospitals to ensure the best treatment is offered. “We can provide medicine, pain relief and also get patients where they are needed,” he said. IN OTHER NEWS: ‘We can modernize ambulances; we can essentially improve patient journeys to the care they need.’ BFNL chief executive Shane Anwyl said it was a club-led initiative. “Darley has been doing it for a year, and (the clubs) really wanted to see him roll around the whole league. (Vita) is going to provide the service to us all year, and it just gives that extra level of care on top of the coaches normal,” he said. “Clubs still need to have their own coaches, but that just gives them a bit more confidence.” (Coaches) may have a first aid certificate, etc., but those guys have more advanced skills. “It sets a new level of care, which is what people are looking for, and it also provides peace of mind for parents.” Anwyl said professional responders would immediately help identify and treat head injuries, noting a knowledge gap locally. “There hasn’t been a lot of training at the community level on concussions. Not like in the AFL and so on,” he said. “These guys are going to have more knowledge about it. They’re going to be able to identify (head injuries) and give indications as to whether a player needs to go to the hospital or rest or whatever.” the same with other serious injuries like broken bones and that sort of thing.” The BFNL junior season starts on April 10. If you see this message, you are a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier, because we made this story available to subscribers only Thank you so much for your support and allowing us to continue to tell the story of Ballarat We appreciate your support of journalism in our great city.