Airline Helps People Get Medical Care

(KGTV) – Just north of Australia in the Indian Ocean is Papua New Guinea. In a northern province, there is only one hospital for a population of hundreds of thousands.

“This 1 hospital is 1-3-4 days by canoe and road to get to or it’s a 45 to 1 hour flight in this C-plane.”

Mark Palm and his wife Kristen started Samaritan Aviation to help people in remote parts of the country get the medical care they need.

“Our family spent 10 years living there to start this organization there, it was an amazing time for our family staff and their families there”

Although they started with just one aircraft, over the years they were able to add more to their fleet.

“We delivered over 200,000 pounds of medicine to 40 different small aid stations along the river, we saved thousands of lives through emergency evacuation flights.”

The Palms say it’s their way of living out the Good Samaritan story of the Bible about helping others.

They encourage everyone to see their mission as an inspiration to do good wherever they are.

“You don’t have to go to Papua New Guinea to make a difference, there are needs everywhere and just do something, get involved.”

Samaritan Aviation celebrates 20 years and looks forward to many more serving the people of a community they have come to love.