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The advertisement broadcast by Dr. Ranjan Gupta was a sham and he ensured that no one except his wife would present himself for the interview for the post of auxiliary doctor, indicates the application which was transmitted to the CVC on July 16, 2021. selection committee consisting of Dr. Ranjan Gupta, Dr. Saumya Ranjan, Dr. Sirish Ippagunta and Dr. Shami Mohammad. It is also clear that Dr. Ranjan Gupta in his capacity as the principal investigator of the project had constituted this selection committee. It is impossible that the other members of the committee did not know that Dr. Ambika Gupta was the wife of Dr. Ranjan Gupta, which is apparent from his credentials. Surprisingly, only Dr. Ambika Gupta attended the interview for the position of junior doctor. There is a reason for I think that no notification was sent to the other two applicants and it is quite possible that the other two candidates are fictitious and that their names were used to cover up the corrupt practice of Dr. Ranjan Gupta in order to secure the appointment of his wife,” the complaint continues.

In this regard, a certain Dr. Rajesh Gupta had also written to the Director of AIIMS dated November 21, 2019. “I am an MBBS doctor. I had applied for a junior research officer position at AIIMS Delhi “But I was not called for the interview. When I tried to get information about it, I learned that Dr. Ranjan Gupta had appointed his wife for this position”, reads in letter from Dr. Rajesh Gupta, copy of which is at IANS However, in response to an RTI from Swapnil Tripathi in connection with a complaint against Dr. Ranjan Gupta for arbitrarily naming his wife Ambika Gupta, AIIMS stated that the appointment was for the junior doctor, not the “junior researcher” and it was not illegal and was made as part of due process.The project researcher – Dr Ranjan Gupta – had advertised the contract post in their research project in accordance with the sanction of the funding agency. However, no application has never been received from Dr. Rajesh Gupta for the said position, as implied by Dr. Ranjan Gupta, PI, and no documents from Dr. Rajesh Gupta were received in the research section of PI, RTI’s response states.

AIIMS said the appointment was for the junior chief medical officer, not the “junior researcher” and that it was not illegal and was made in accordance with due process. | IANS

Project researcher Dr. Ranjan Gupta self-advertised the position, reviewed the application and conducted an interview, RTI’s response states. The interview committee selected a suitable candidate based on the requirements of the project. The research section eventually reviewed the application which was recommended and forwarded by the PI, he said. The RTI communication, of which the IANS has a copy, further says: “There were only three applications received of which Dr. Ambika Gupta showed up and the rest of the two were absent. The interview for the post of Junior Chief Medical Officer was conducted by the interview panel with only one candidate present and Dr Ranjan Gupta was not on the interview panel and therefore could not have exercised any influence to make the appointment”.

Dr. Ambika Gupta worked for about a month and a half and resigned from his post afterwards, he adds. However, the interview record available from IANS states: “For the position of adjunct physician, only one candidate, Dr Ambika Gupta, came forward and the other two were absent. The interview was was conducted by Dr. Soumyaranjan, Dr. Shamim Ahmed and Dr. Sirish Ippagunta in the presence of the representative of the Research Section.” However, AIIMS did not respond to clarifications requested by IANS. (IANS/SP)

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