48 tons of medical aid provided to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict

By Lara Cooper

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 288 shipments containing 64 tons of medical aid requested in the United States and 13 countries around the worldincluding Ukraine.

The shipments contained 6.5 million defined daily doses of medicationincluding Covid-19 therapies, diabetes drugs and cancer treatments.

Shipments to Ukraine contained IV fluids, PPE, insulin syringes, sutures, field medical kits along with items requested for triage care during mass casualty events.

Ukraine’s response to date

Since February 24, Direct Relief has provided more than 48 tonnes of medical aid to the crisis, with more on the way.

All items were supplied on demand and approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. Direct Relief’s medical donations were mobilized from inventories in Ukraine, the organization’s distribution center in the Netherlands and emergency airlifts from the United States.

The assistance requested by Ukraine and provided by Direct Relief includes a wide range of medicines, equipment and supplies, from field medical kits used by first responders providing triage care to oxygen concentrators to intensive care medicines used in an intensive care unit. Diabetes and hypertension drugs, oncology drugs, diabetes supplies and other urgently needed drugs were also delivered.

Direct Relief is in contact with Ministries of Health across the region to assess needs and shares information with the UN, European Commission and World Bank to coordinate relief efforts.

To develop a strategic response to the growing need for insulin and other elements of diabetes care in the region, Direct Relief is working with the International Diabetes Federation, Ukrainian Diabetes Federation, Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Life for a Child and the World Health Organization. Communicable Disease Task Force.

Response time

Delivered to Ukraine

  • March 4: 20 pallets of field medical packs have been delivered to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. The kits contain trauma and first aid supplies including bandages, tourniquets, gauze, essential medications and personal safety equipment.
  • March 9: 24 pallets of drugs for diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory and oncological diseases were delivered to the Ministry of Health from Ukraine.
  • March 9: 13 pallets of emergency medical supplies, including field medical kits, oxygen concentrators, essential emergency medicines, personal care items for displaced people and inhalers, have been delivered to Charity Fund Modern Town & Village in Ukraine.

In transit

  • 89 pallets containing emergency hospital care items, wound care, antibiotics, chronic disease medication, PPE and maternal and child health supplies are expected to arrive in Ukraine in the coming days from the distribution center American from Direct Relief.
  • 64 pallets containing 200 10-liter oxygen concentrators to support Covid-19, IV antibiotics, diabetes medication and hypothyroidism medication are being prepared for delivery to Ukraine at distribution center of Direct Relief in the Netherlands.


  • 12 pallets of insulin products are shipped from the distribution center in the Netherlands.
  • 30 pallets containing 500 x 10 liter oxygen concentrators to support Covid-19 and other emergency hospital care items.
  • A FedEx Humanitarian Charter containing more than 50 tons of medical aid, including an emergency field hospital donated by the State of California and substantial amounts of emergency drugs and supplies, trauma and wound treatment drugs, chronic disease medications, oxygen concentrators, emergency health kits, among other items.

Direct Relief is deploying emergency medical aid, ranging from oxygen concentrators to intensive care medication, while preparing for longer-term assistance to those displaced or affected by war in Ukraine.

In the news


This week, outside of the United States, Direct Relief shipped more than 5.8 million defined daily doses drugs totaling 63,518 pounds.

Countries that have received medical aid in the past week include:

  • Ukraine
  • Peru
  • Malawi
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Haiti
  • Nepal
  • Jamaica
  • Ghana
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • India


Direct relief delivered 317 shipments weighing 46,988 pounds and containing 358,444 doses of medicine over the past week to organizations including:

  • Welvista, South Carolina
  • NC MedAssist, North Carolina
  • Community Health, Illinois
  • St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy, Texas
  • UNC Healthcare, North Carolina
  • Access to Healthcare for All, California
  • Good News Care Center, Florida
  • Westminster Free Clinic, CA
  • St. Joseph’s Welfare Board, Missouri
  • University Health – Truman Medical Center, Missouri


Since January 1, 2022, Direct Relief has delivered 3,976 shipments for 1,214 health organizations in 51 US states and territories and 60 countries.

These shipments contained 78.1 million defined daily doses of drugs valued at $367 million (wholesale) and weighing 5.9 million pounds.