140 tonnes of medical aid to Ukraine; Afghanistan Prenatal Vitamins and More

By Lara Cooper

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 330 medical aid shipments requested in 48 U.S. states and territories and seven countries worldwideincluding Ukraine.

The shipments contained 4.3 million defined daily doses of drugsincluding N-95 masks, mental health drugs, antibiotics, chronic disease drugs, nutritional products, insulin, and cancer treatments.

This week, a shipment of prenatal vitamins left for afghanistan to support pregnancy care provided by a hospital in Kabul. The shipment, weighing more than 1,700 pounds, contains 1,231,000 defined daily doses of multivitamins. Direct Relief has provided more than 187 tons of medical aid to health facilities in Afghanistan since 2008.


Since February 24, Direct Relief has provided medical aid weighing over 1.2 million pounds, or 600 tonnes, with more on the way. This week, cancer therapies, insulin, antibiotics, intravenous fluids to support dialysis care, surgical supplies and more left Direct Relief’s warehouse for healthcare providers in Ukraine.

A large infusion of intravenous fluids arrived in Ukraine this week, much of the 140 tonnes shipped to the country in the past seven days.

On Friday, a large shipment of intravenous fluids weighing more than 18 tons, donated by Baxter International, arrived in Odessa, Ukraine. The shipment will support health facilities providing care in the region.

Direct Relief responded directly to specific medical requests from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, as well as NGOs and local organizations supporting healthcare in Ukraine.

Seven field hospital kits, each containing 50 beds, trauma care and oxygen supplies and more, have since been deployed to frontline areas of the conflict in need of medical support. A group coordinating the deployment of kits in frontline areas is TAPS-Ukraine in Dniproand the kits were donated by the California State Office of Emergency Services and transported by Direct Relief.



This week, outside of the United States, Direct Relief shipped more than 2.4 million defined daily doses medication.

Countries that have received medical aid in the past week include:

  • Ukraine
  • Uganda
  • Lebanon
  • Ghana
  • Afghanistan


Direct relief delivered 306 shipments containing 2 million doses of medicine over the past week to organizations including:

• ODA Quality Health Center, New York • Scranton Primary Health Care Center, Pennsylvania • Kinston Community Health Center, North Carolina • City on a Hill Health Clinic, Michigan • Lorain County Free Clinic, Ohio » ¢ The Health Hut, Louisiana • Good Samaritan Clinic, Arkansas • Community Care Clinic of Dare, North Carolina • Community Health of East Tennessee, Inc., Tennessee • Temple Community Free Clinic, Inc., Texas


Since January 1, 2022, Direct Relief has delivered 7,628 shipments at 1,544 health organizations in 52 US states and territories and 76 countries.

These shipments contained 226.9 million defined daily doses of drugs valued at $855 million (wholesale) and weighing 8.4 million pounds.